SATORI (Sudden Enlighjtenment)

About Me

Shawna Humphreys

My name is Shawna Humphreys and I am a Certified Master Personal Trainer who studied in Psychology and work in Pschiatry at Kenndy Health Alliance Behavioral Health in South Jersey . I have been in Psychology for 10 years and continue to study in Psychology and Mindful Meditation.
I became more interested in Mindful Meditation when I saw anxiety and depression take over people's everyday life. I saw that many medical professionals give medication but no one suggesting or referred their patients to a Meditation facility. I found that this has been a cure for many health issues.
 I thought it was a need for people to be able to calm the mind , body and soul just as I did when I went through anxiety and depression. So I started Satori and wanted to teach every and any one to learn to meditate and give people the tools and resource to suppress anxiety, depression or just to enjoy the experience to live a happier and calm mind.
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